Develop Skills to Help Improve Your Quality of Life After Limb Loss

PALS Online is an interactive program to help you manage your life after limb loss. It will help you explore the ways your life has changed and how you can move forward.

Recovery is challenging and it can be difficult to manage the challenges of limb loss.

PALS Online will help you understand where you are on the road to recovery, help you figure out where it is you want to go, and help you develop the skills to get there. PALS Online recognizes that YOU play the most important role in your recovery. It will help you take control of your situation and become more active in your recovery. It uses strategies and skills that have been scientifically proven to increase self-confidence and feelings of empowerment.

PALS Online is not a substitute for medical care or individual counseling. It is designed to help you work with your doctors and others in your recovery.

You have two option in using PALS:

  1. We recommend you start with CORE PALS: You will work through a series of 8 lessons and have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others who are facing similar challenges. You can do all of this, while working at your own pace and in your own surroundings.

    After completing Core PALS, you can jump right into taking individual lessons in More PALS. Building the Life You Want: What Work is Right for me Lesson has just been added.

  2. You can also start with taking a More PALS lesson and check out Core PALS lessons at your leisure.

Either way, by using PALS you are taking charge of your recovery and improving your quality of life!